Day Two: Edge

Saturday, August 5, 2016

Swoosh, creak, clunk. Those were the sounds we woke up to this morning at 0600h. Swoosh as the waves came crashing ashore. The creak of the bear bin opening and clunk as it closed while campers one-by-one began to make their breakfast and started their trek on the beach to beat the tide.

We made our oatmeal breakfasts and watched the ocean waves. Then packed our tents and gear. This time, I put the food at the bottom of the pack to balance the weight better.   We had two options: beach trail which were filled with boulders, and the inland forest trail. We took the latter keeping in mind the weight of the bags on our backs. 8km to Camper’s Bay, but seemed more like 4km as we got there by noon after leaving camp around 0800h. We took a short lunch break, lied on the beach, filled up on water and had a chance to use the luxury “Phoenix-style” composting toilets.

Back stretching at Camper’s Bay.

We met a couple who were headed off to the next camp site. They too, felt like it was too early to just stop here. According to our trail book guide “Blisters and Bliss”, day three would supposedly be the hardest. If we could take some of the edge off of tomorrow’s difficult day , why not? So like that we trekked on. It’s another 4km until Cullite Creek: Half way between Camper’s Bay and Walbran Creek (our initial planned destination for tomorrow).


It was boardwalk, mud, boardwalk, mud, boardwalk. We made good time through the first three kilometers and got through within an hour and a bit with a short break at 2kms in with a bench and small lookout point overlooking the ocean and shoreline.


We we’ve been blessed with no rainfall in fourty-some days, and even then, some parts were quite deep in mud. The last kilometer was the longest. Ladders, followed by ladders, followed by ladders until the creek where the campsite was. A small patch of inland route that led to a small bay, opening up to the ocean view. Nothing but vast open waters, where the sea meets the sky…. felt like were on on the edge of the world – I suppose that’s where the name “Pacific Rim” comes from.


Hungry, went over to the creek to pump some water with our filters. Filled up our hydration pack and water bottle, we cooked our dinners – for us, it was Mexican-style rice and beans – and quickly set up camp.


Bathed in the creek and gathered wood for a campfire where we roasted marshmallows and enjoyed a hot cup of cocoa.


Then called it a night. A full moon, and orange to sight. 33,662 steps and we made half the trek that would have been tomorrow’s. Ate all my food rationed for day two, and still slightly hungry.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 7.25.37 PM.png


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