Day Four: Fog and Mist

Monday, August 7, 2017

The days seem to be getting shorter. Or at least the hikes are. We got up and packed our bags by 0900 to leave camp. Woke up this morning in a bit of a dreadful mood. First thought as I jumped up “is it raining?” There were droplets over our tent cover and the thought of rainwater looming over us whilst we walk through our 12km (km 53 to km41) was dreadful. But, as we unzipped the tents, it was complete fog and condensation. If you looked closely, you could see tiny droplets falling from the above grey skies. But definitely nothing more than a mist.

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We set off for our first beach route of the trek. One step forward and a small slide back, the resistance of the sand below our feet was challenging. But the view was the most stunning….


The west coast of Canada – fog and mist, waves rolling in and caressing the beach. Beds of ocean floor rock exposed with pockets of sea life. Sea anemones, snail, crabs and fish – an ecosystem in each little pond.


Our foot trailed through soft sand, gravel rocks and ocean bed stones, with the only thing constant being the waves crashing onto shore and the mist that followed us in our journey.


We pushed through the sand and gravel and followed some the tracks of what possibly could have been a cougar? (we were told at orientation that they look larger than the sea otters, with minimal claws as their are retractable and that they walk in a linear fashion).



By 1100h, we made it to Chez Monique’s for lunch. $22 for a veggie burger, but very much worth it. A nice hot meal that you could work through between your hands. The patty made from zuchinni, onions, mushrooms and peppers cooked in a frittata like omelette, sandwiched between layers of tomato, ketchup, mustard, pickle and two large buns, on a plate with coleslaw.

“So-ready-to-eat-burger” face

With full bellies we walked to Carmella point. Where the Canadian coast guard lighthouse sat amongst the fog.

Then, we trekked back down towards Crib’s Creek.


On our way we saw two eagles with their white feathered heads and bright yellow beaks and they flew towards the tree tops. A large fishing bird majestically standing on a large rock amongst the mist on the ocean bed. Heard sea lions roar from their rock beyond the mist.


We walked through Gull-City and the most memorable, little birds running along the sandy beaches in a line formation, following the tide in attempt to pull out their meals through the sand when the tide goes out.

IMG_8596 (1)IMG_8551 (1)IMG_8539 (1)

Made it to camp early afternoon and enjoyed a nice nap on the sand before cleaning up for dinner –couscous tonight, which was too much considering our meal at Chez Monique’s… Had a camp fire and by 2130h, most of campers were cozied up in their tents as we watched the embers of our fire become cold.


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