Day Seven: Pursuit of Happiness

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Final day. The last 13 km of the trek, should be relatively flat according to the handy Blisters and Bliss Trail Book every hiker had with them.


Just as estimated, under 3 hours, we made it to Pachena Bay Trailhead.


Took off my hiking boots and planned on not putting them back on for a while. We cooked my would-have-been dinner before getting on the four-hour trail bus ride back to Gordon River where we had parked our car: Tomato Spanish rice and beans (see recipe: It’s Bean Rice).

Like that, we said goodbye to the wondrous Pacific Rim. Feeling somewhat at a loss now that it’s coming to an end. But pretty ready for a hot shower and a mattress… It truly was “Blisters and Bliss”.

There’s something to say about travelling and happiness. Perhaps it’s because it broadens our perspective, creating room for hope and enthusiasm. Perhaps it’s the fact that it removes barriers and brings people closer together; forces us to trust one another.

Some say the most straightforward path to happiness in life comes from pursuing a significant long-term goal or objective: a “quest”. The thought is that we’re far more likely to be content while working to achieve something great than after we’ve accomplished it.


Self-love was something that I talked a bit about at the beginning of this year. Something that many of us, myself included, are guilty of not doing enough of. It is so important for us to be doing things for the right reason, for all things begin with the seed of intent.

“People tend to believe it is hating their body that will motivate them to change their behaviours. This tends to be a short-term motivator if at all. Accepting our bodies and wanting them to be as healthy and functional as possible focuses the mind on the behaviours that will serve us best.”
– Molly Kellogg, RD, LCSW

Seven months ago, we signed up with nothing more than the hope of adventuring into more of this province’s beautiful terrain, and to simply have fun while doing it. Seven days ago, we had embarked on an journey that would grow to become so much more than that and becoming more active – gratefulness, perseverance, self-compassion, exploration and awareness. 

Make health a life-long quest and do it out of self-love. 

The most amazing part of it all? The memories you make, even after the campfire smoke has dissipated from the clothes and hair, lingers and becomes a part of who you are. We cannot unsee what we’ve seen.

“Perhaps the biggest adjustment to life at ‘home,’ wherever home may be, is understanding that you’re different from when you started. You’ve gained experience and seen things that others haven’t. To quote the words of Steve Kamb, who used the analogy of a video game with me in describing his quest, you’ve ‘leveled up.’ In the same way that the first level of a game can become boring and repetitive, once you’ve leveled up, you may not be able to go back to the same habits and routine…

How do you go back? In many ways, you don’t. You can’t.”

– The Pursuit of Happiness, by Chris Guillebeau

IMG_8157 (1)

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 7.26.21 PM.png
Last Day

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 7.47.44 PM.png
With one full day’s meal prepped (just in case)


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