About Crumbs

Inspiration through Margaret Atwood’s short story on “Bread” and a family culture with deep roots in and surrounding food, I found myself gravitating towards the field of nutrition and food agriculture, exploring the questions on food security, social equity, and development of eating habits.

“To people, food is the sky” – Chinese Idiom

Growing up in a household of three generations, the idea that food and agriculture marks the beginning of civilization was instilled early in my childhood- it’s what allowed us to become settlers and build cities, and food being the very bane of our existence. I grew up in a foodie household. My grandparents started off selling bowls of hot Sesame Porridge from a little breakfast cart to running their own restaurant promising authentic tastes of the Imperial Palace of China’s Capital to the small streets of Taipei; my father inherited this same love for creating food and a place where people gather as he trumps his way into the restaurant world today ….and then there’s me: A registered dietitian whose inherited a certain curiosity and passion for food, science, culture and health. From as early I could remember, I was asked to prepare Yeye’s (mandarin for “grandpa”) insulin pen… but this never stopped him from continuing to live a full, foodie life. So I guess I could say that I was nurtured into this passion, I grew up surrounded by food and naturally being curious about how food beautifully brings people together, enriches tradition, creates identity and yet plays such an imminent role in how our health spans out. There’s something about beautiful ‘bread’ that Margret so perfectly captures in her short story. Hence the name “CrumbInk”, to write about bits and pieces of ‘bread’.

Through CrumbInk, I hope to open up a platform to exchange conversations about food from stories to culture to science. I hope to discuss food matters that both are and aren’t always talked about in the nutrition world: to talk about the challenges and successes of food and nutrition in our world yesterday, today and tomorrow. I’ll talk about where I find inspiration, controversies in food politics, pillars of food security, science in nutrition and share fond recipes.

dc-memberblog-badge-2017-enWelcome and hope you enjoy this journey as much as I will!


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