Spill the Beans

“Rising food prices”, “land grabs”, “inequality”and “climate change”…. all this talk seems to forecast a dark and daunting future threatening the security of our food. Though we see it printed in the newspapers, hear it in the media, and watch politicians talk about formulating policies for protecting us from famine, it almost seems like fiction. “Famine” – something so far away, written in books rather than reality. Though, we’ve seen these elements do their part in the past: starting with the 8 year yellow-haze known as the Dust Bowl that dried the southern fields or the Great Irish Potato Famine, some suggest that if we continue business-as-usual, the future famine will hit us harder and bigger than ever before. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the suggested hypothesis of what the future holds and explore what can be done to change this prophecy. 


“Banana Day” Some foodies may know today as “Banana Day”. The origins of this day are a little unknown, but every year, students all over North America go….well, let’s just say kind of bananas. They eat and share weird yet wonderful banana concoctions as some even dress up in yellow banana suits. There aren’t many days in… Continue reading Bananagrams

Empowerment Day

Today is an incredibly special day for people all around the world. March 8th of each year International Women’s Day, when people all around the globe raise awareness for equal rights and advocate for stepping out of the small boxes in which we’ve labelled with expectations of genders. It’s a day of celebration for all the… Continue reading Empowerment Day

Blue Breasts

Posts regarding the Women’s March on Saturday, January 21, 2017 are making its rounds on social media. As thousands march in support of their sisters, their mothers, their best friends, their daughters, and their daughter’s daughters; I’d like give thanks for those who gave their time to give the rest of us voices. In the words… Continue reading Blue Breasts

Weight Re-Solutions

With the year winding down, new years resolution lists are growing. For most, the list may look something like: 1. lose weight, 2. exercise more, 3. eat better, 4. drink less alcohol, 5. sleep better, etc…. kind of a repeat of last year’s resolutions. Hopefully this read will encourage everyone to take a closer look at… Continue reading Weight Re-Solutions

Lest We Forget: In Remembrance to Move Forward.

Poppies row on row… Following just a few days after Remembrance day is World Diabetes Day. When speaking about moving forward for anything, it is important we look back at history to learn from those before us. History has much to tell. Here’s a small trip back in time to recognize those who fought for… Continue reading Lest We Forget: In Remembrance to Move Forward.

A Turkey’s Leap: A philosophical entry on Thanksgiving, obesity and healthcare

A turkey sitting in each oven basking and browning under the heat, cornucopias filled with roasted colours of autumn, the aroma of pumpkin, cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg shrouds each house, the table set and sides are ready – mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce and gravy. Family, friends and loved ones gather together… Continue reading A Turkey’s Leap: A philosophical entry on Thanksgiving, obesity and healthcare