Spill the Beans

“Rising food prices”, “land grabs”, “inequality”and “climate change”…. all this talk seems to forecast a dark and daunting future threatening the security of our food. Though we see it printed in the newspapers, hear it in the media, and watch politicians talk about formulating policies for protecting us from famine, it almost seems like fiction. “Famine” – something so far away, written in books rather than reality. Though, we’ve seen these elements do their part in the past: starting with the 8 year yellow-haze known as the Dust Bowl that dried the southern fields or the Great Irish Potato Famine, some suggest that if we continue business-as-usual, the future famine will hit us harder and bigger than ever before. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the suggested hypothesis of what the future holds and explore what can be done to change this prophecy. 

Two Way Banana Nice Cream

To celebrate how far we’ve come in food science, technology and innovation, here’s a quick recipe to invite Spring. Absolutely refreshing, simple and naturally sweetened by our most commonly known variety of banana (currently can be found in most urban groceries for about 60-some cents a pound). If you’re one of those people that tend to… Continue reading Two Way Banana Nice Cream


“Banana Day” Some foodies may know today as “Banana Day”. The origins of this day are a little unknown, but every year, students all over North America go….well, let’s just say kind of bananas. They eat and share weird yet wonderful banana concoctions as some even dress up in yellow banana suits. There aren’t many days in… Continue reading Bananagrams

Banking some Food for Thought

About a month ago, I participated in the Welfare Food Challenge. During that week, I shared my experiences of mood swings, fatigue and altered decision making pathways from being hungry with you on this platform. From that unforgettable experience, I had urged the continuation of story sharing in hopes of keeping the conversation of hunger and… Continue reading Banking some Food for Thought

Day 7: Tip of the Iceberg

Today, I had the privilege to be a part of the Town Hall meeting at Vancouver City Hall. We had a great turn out from the public, and an amazing panel of activists from the community and at the stakeholder level. Councillor Andrea Reimer, the President of the BC Federation of Labour Irene Lanzinger, and MLA… Continue reading Day 7: Tip of the Iceberg

Day 5: Beyond the Hunger: Exhaustion.

My day started off pretty good, sleep seems to be pretty good at curbing my hunger for most days. I had a bit of trouble falling asleep last night (my belly was growling at me for not feeding it). But when I woke up, it didn’t seem so bad anymore. Too tired last night to… Continue reading Day 5: Beyond the Hunger: Exhaustion.

Day 4: Forksclusion

What I love most about food is how it brings people together. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, high school reunions, retirements, and farewell send-offs: no matter the occasion, tears of joy or sorrow, food is there. It’s not exactly what is on the table that makes it so special (don’t get me wrong, I sure as hell… Continue reading Day 4: Forksclusion