Happy Dietitian’s Day: Would you like some Pi with that?

3.14 – YES! It’s Pi(e) day! This year, it falls on the second Wednesday of March, otherwise known as Dietitian’s Day. A day dedicated to celebrate dietitians as healthcare professionals, committed to using their specialized knowledge and skills in food and nutrition to improve the health of Canadians. Though stemmed from home economics,  our profession has…

Endless Sides of Carrots and Peas

“Eat your veggies!” – we’ve all heard it. The ringing nag from your mother. And we know she’s right; there’s no doubt that eating more fruit and vegetables is hands down, the number one way to get healthier. But having salads all the time just to fill our “half your plate veggies” isn’t exactly the most appealing… so how can you continually include more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis in a way that is not just endless sides of steamed carrots and peas ? (As much as they go so well together, there’s gotta be some way to include more variety!… Afterall, we’ve got such a diverse group of food to choose from.)